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Commemorative Coin Issues: 1893-1951
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Gold Commemorative Issues: 1903-1915
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Modern Silver & Gold Commemoratives: Starting 1982
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Collecting United States Coins..

A Photographic Journey:

Commemorative Coins

Early Silver & Gold Issues and Modern Commemoratives

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Collecting U.S. Commemorative Coins

Isabella Quarter Dollar: (1893) This souvenir Quarter Dollar was sold during the Columbian Exposition in Chicago 1893 for a dollar. Designed by C.E.Barber, for the Board of Lady Managers of the Columbian Expo. the obverse has the Crowned Bust of Queen Isabella of Spain and the reverse showing a kneeling female with distaff is emblematic of the women's industry.

Alabama Centennial Half Dollar: (1921) The Alabama Centennial was celebrated in 1919 but the Alabama half dollars were not authorized till 1920 and were not struck till 1921. Designed by Laura Gardin Fraser the coins were first offered during President Harding's visit to Birmingham on October 26, 1921. On the reverse side of the coin between the 2x2 (22nd State of the Union) you will find the St. Andrews crosswhich is a emblem on the State flag.. The obverse has the busts of William Wyatt Bibb (first Governor of Alabama) and T.E. Kilby (Governor at the time) of the centennial year.

Albany, New York Charter: (1936) This half dollar commemorates the 250th anniversary of the granting of the charter to the city of Albany.The reverse design shows Governor Dongan, Peter Schuyler and Robert Livingston. The obverse shows a bever gnawing at a maple branch. The coin was designed by Gertrude K. Lathrop of Albany.

Battle of Antietam: (1937) Designed by William Marks Simpson, a souvenir half dollar coin was struck in 1937 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the famous Civil War battle of Lee's invasion of Maryland. Lee & McClellan (the opposing generals) are pictured on the front (obverse) of the coin while the Burnside Bridge is shown on the back. (reverse) The Battle of Antietam took the lives of about 25,000 men and is concidered one of the bloodest single-day battles fought. Happened September 17, 1862

Arkansas Centennial: (1935-1939) To mark the 100th anniversary of Arkansas into the Union, Edward Everett Burr designed this souvenir piece. The models were prepared by Emily Bates of Arkansas. Minted from 1935-1939 the only difference is the dates on the coins. The reverse shows the Heads of an Indian Chief and an Amarican Girl of 1936, the obverse shows an Eagle with the date below.

Bay Bridge SanFrancisco-Oakland: (1936) A special 50 cent souvenir piece was minted for the opening of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The designer, Jacques Schnier on the front (obverse) shows a grizzly bear and the back (reverse) shows the famous bridge. These coins were struck at the San Francisco mint around November, 1936.

Daniel Boone Bi-Centennial:(1934-1938) To commemorate Daniel Boone's 200th Birthday anniversary, Augustus Lukeman made models of this coin which started to be struck in 1934 up to 1938. The only difference was in 1935 the words PIONEER YEAR was added with the commemorative date 1934 right above the words.

Bridgeport, Connecticut Centennial: (1936) On May 15, 1936 a special 50 cent coin was authorized to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Bridgeport Conn. Designed by Henry Kreis shows the head of P.T.Barnum on the front (obverse) and a modern version of the Eagle on the back (reverse) Note: P.T.Barnum was the best known citizen in Bridgeport

California diamond Jubilee: (1925) To mark the 75th anniversary of California admission into the Union, Jo Mora a noted sculptor, designed this half dollar coin. The front shows a forty-niner kneeling, paning for gold and the back shows a grizzly bear which is the States emblem

Carver-Washington: (1951-1954) This coin designed by Isaac Hathaway shows the busts of Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver on the front and the map of the United States with USA printed across it on the back. These were two prominent black Americans at this time period. Money raised from the sale of these coins was to be used "to stop the spred of communism among the Negroes in the interest of national defense"

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