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Collecting United States Coins..

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Collecting U.S. Coins by Type.

A type set of American coins will consist of the following: {Halfs & Dollars}

Seated Dollar
Silver Dollars
Silver dollars are no longer made for circulation, although many collectors thought they might see them again.. First minted in 1794, early silver dollars had their value around the rim. No coins were minted from 1804 to 1839, although an 1804 dollar does exist. This controversial coin, one of which sold in 1961 for $29,000, is supposed to have been struck in 1834 and 1835 because it resembles the silver dollars of that time. Mint records show that 19,570 dollars were made in 1804, but it is believed that, since old-diet were used until they wore out, the coins actually produced were dated 1803.

trade Dollar
Trade Dollar
Fact, any coin ever made by the United States Mint is still spendable, except one. This is the trade dollar, issued between 1873 and 1885, and recalled two years later. Until 1876 trade dollars were legal tender up to five dollars. In 1876 the coin was restricted to export.
Weighing slightly more than a silver dollar, the trade dollar was circulated primarily in the Orient, and many coins still contain the customary chop marks placed along the rim by traders testing its authenticity.

Morgan Head Dollar
Morgan Silver Dollar
Also known as the Liberty Head dollar, the Morgan dollar filled the gap between 1874 and 1877, when no silver dollars were made. Its size and design make it a popular coin among collectors. Because silver dollars have a more limited circulation than other coins, you can find early dates in remarkably. fine. condition.

peace dollar
Peace Dollar
Placed in circulation on January 3, 1922, some Peace dollars are dated "1921" and were struck in December of that year. This coin was last minted in 1935. Commemorating the peace treaties following the first World War, this coin has an eagle with folded wings on the reverse. This tranquil stance differs rashly from the warlike eagle usually depicted on coinage.

Eisenhower Dollars
Honoring both Dwight D. Eisenhower and the first landing on the moon.The reverse is an adaptation of the official Apollo 11 insignia. Minted form 1971-1978. Designed by Cheif Engraver Frank Gasparro

1976 dollar
1976 Bicentennial Dollar
The minting started in 1975 and continued through 1976 for the dual-dated dollars. Thus no Halves were dated 1975. The Reverse design used from 1976-1978 showing the Liberty Bell along with the moon in the backaround is the work of Dennis R. Wiliams.

sba dollar
Susan B.Anthony Dollar
Honoring this pioneer woman's rights. This representsd the first time that a woman, other than a mythical figure, has appeared on a circulating U.S. coin.
Designed by Cheif Engraver Frank Gasparro

It's your hobby, you decide what and how you want to collect.
"Thats what makes it FUN"
webbie :-)

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