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Commemorative Coin Issues: 1893-1951
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Gold Commemorative Issues: 1903-1915
Grant - Panama
Modern Silver & Gold Commemoratives: Starting 1982
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Collecting United States Coins..

A Photographic Journey:

Commemorative Coins

Early Silver & Gold Issues and Modern Commemoratives

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Collecting U.S. Commemorative Coins

Monroe Doctrine: (1923) In June of 1923 the motion picture industry promoted this commemorative issue in conjunction with a motion picture exposition. The front shows the heads of James Monroe and John Quincy Adams who were identified with the Monroe Doctrine. The reverse shows the Western Hemisphere made up of two female figures. The models for this coin were prepared by Chester Beach.

New Rochelle, New York: 1938) This coin issued in 1938 observed the founding of New Rochelle in 1688 by the French Huguenots. They purchased the land title from John Pell and were suppose to give away a fattened calf every year on June 20th. Representation of this shows a figure of John Pell and a calf on the front of the coin The reverse shows the Seal of the City (fleur-de-lis) The coin was designed by Gertrude K. Lathrop.

Norfolk, Virginia Bicentennial: (1936) To honor the growth of Norfolk from a township in 1682 to a royal borough in 1736, Congress passed a law for the striking of a medal to raise funds for a celebration. In the end the medal became a Half Dollar coin commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Norfolk land grant and the 200th anniversary of becoming a borough.The front shows the Seal of the City and a three masted ship while the back shows the Royal Mace which was presented by Lieutenant Governor Dinwiddie to Norfolk in 1753. The commemorative coin was designed by William Marks Simpson and his wife Marjorie Emory Simpson.

Orgeon Trail Memorial: (1926-1939) This commemorative half dollar coin struck in memory of the pioneers, many of whom are buried along the famous 2,000 mile highway of history known as the Oregon Trail. The front shows a covered wagon in which the pioneers travled heading into the sun-set and the reverse shows a picturs of an Indian with the United States in the forground.Designed by James Earle Fraser and his wife Laura. The first issue was struck at Phildelphia and San Francisco in 1926. The 1933 issue of this coin was the first time a commemorative coin was struck at the Denver Mint.

Panama-Pacific Exposition: (1915) To commemorate the opening of the Panama Canal this coin was struck for the 1915 exposition held in San Francisco. The half dollar coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint and sold for a dollar each at the expo. The front shows Columbia with the Golden Gate in the background The reverse shows an Eagle on the US shield and is the first commemorative coin to carry the motto "In God We trust" which appears above the Eagle. Designers were C.E.Barber(front) and George T. Morgan(reverse)

Pilgrim Tercentenary: (1920) The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 and to commemorate the 300th anniversary Congress authorized on May 12, 1920 a special half dollar to be struck. The front shows a portrait of Governor Bradford and the reverse has a picturs of the "Mayflower". The frist issues of 1920 only show the dates 1620-1920. In 1921 they added the 1921 date to the Field on the front. Sculptor Cyrus E. Dallin designed this coin

Providence Rhode Island Tercentenary: (1936) This half dollar struck in 1936 commemorates the 300th anniversary of Roger Williams founding the Providence, Rhode Island. The front shows Roger Williams in a canoe being welcomed by an Indian. The back has the anchor of Hope with a shield and mantling in the background. The designs for this coin were the work of Arthur Graham Carey and John Howard Benson

Roanoke Island, North Carolina: (1937) This commemorative half was struck to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Sir Walter Raleigh's "Lost Colony"and the birth of the first white child born in British North America (Virginia Dare). The celebration was held in Old Fort Raleigh in 1937. The front shows the portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh and the back shows a figure of Ellinor Dare holding the child Virginia Dare. The designer of this coin was William Marks Simpson.

Robinson-Arkansas Centennial: (1936) This commemorative coin took on a new reversefor the Centennial celebration. Authorized by the Act of June 26, 1936, engraved by Henry Kreis, Senator Joseph T. Robinson was the subject shown on the reverse? Usually the portrait would be concidered the front but on this coin the obverse was the Eagle which bears the date designed by Everett Burr remained un-changed.

San Diego - California - Pacific Exposition: (1935-1936) This commemorative half approved by Congrss, designed by Robert Aitken, and struck in San Franisco Mint was for the exposition held on May 3, 1935. But then again in 1936 the same type of coin was struck at the Denver Mint under a special Recoinage Act passed May 6, 1936 that specified that 180,000 more pieces were to be minted . The front shows a seated female with a spear and a bear in the left background. the back shows the observation tower and the State of California building at the Exposition.

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