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Commemorative Coin Issues: 1893-1951
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Gold Commemorative Issues: 1903-1915
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Modern Silver & Gold Commemoratives: Starting 1982
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Collecting United States Coins..

A Photographic Journey:

Commemorative Coins

Early Silver & Gold Issues and Modern Commemoratives

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Collecting U.S. Commemorative Coins

Sesquicentennial of American Independence: (1926) This coin was sold to help raise funds for the 1926 International Fair held in Phildelphia to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independance. On the front the heads Presidents Coolidge and Washington are shown and on the back is the Liberty Bell. This is the first time the portrait of a president appeared on a coinduring his lifetime. The designs were by John Frederick Lewis and John R. Sinnock, Chief Engraver of the United States mint molded the commemorative coins.

Old Spanish Trail: (1935) This half dollar coin commemorated the 400th anniversary of the overland expedition of Cabeza de Vaca through the gulf states in 1535.The explorers nametranslated means the "Head of Cow" which is what they used for the front of the coin and the back shows a yucca tree and a map of the Old Spanish Trail. The designer was L.W.Hoffecker and the models were prepared by Edmund J. Senn.

Stone Mountian Memorial: (1925) The front of these commemorative coins shows General Robert E. Lee and General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson mounted on horses and on the back you see an eagle on the side of a mountian. The first coins struck were in Philadelphia on January 21, 1925 which was Jackson's birthday. Designed by Gutzon Borglum, the sale of these coins financed carving figures of Confederate leaders and soldiers on Stone Mountian in Georgia.

Texas Centennial: (1934-1938) This commemorative designed by Pompeo Coppini promoted Texas getting its Independence in 1836. The frist stricking in 1934 at the San Francisco Mint and latter (1935-1938) struck at all three mints. The front shows the "Lone star" tradition and the back showsthe kneeling figure of Winged Victory with medallions on either side with portraits of General Sam Houston and Stephen Austin who were the founders of the Republic and State of Texas.

Fort Vancouver Centennial: (1925) These coins were sold for $1.00 each to finance the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Fort Vancouver. The Fort built in 1825 on the Columbia River by Dr. John McLoughlin who is shown on the front of the commemorative coin. The back shows a pioneer settler in a buckskin suit with a musket in his hands. The designer of this coin was Laura Gardin and it was minted in San Francisco.

Vermont Sesquicentennial: (1927) Authorized by Congress in 1925, but not coined until 1927, this souvenir issue commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Bennington and the Independance of Vermont.The front shows the head of Ira Allen, founder of Vermont and the back shows a catamount on a pedestal. The models were prepared by Charles Keck.

.Booker T. Washington Memorial: (1946-1951) This commemorative coin was issued fromall three mints to construct memorials to promote the ideas and teachings of Booker T. Washington. The back of the commemorative coin has the legend "FROM SLAVE CABIN TO HALL OF FAME". The log cabin birth place is shown below the legend and the front has a portrait of Booker T. Washington. Designed by Isaac Scott Hathaway.

Wisconsin Territorial Centennial: (1936) The origional design of this coin by David Parsons a Wisconsin student was to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the Wisconsin Territoral government. Changes were made by Benjamin Hawkins of New York to conform with technical requirements.The front shows a badger on a log (The State Emblem) with arrows representing the Black Hawk War of 1830 and the back shows Territorial Seal which includes a forearm holding a pickaxe over a mound of lead ore. The inscription reads "4th day of July Anno Domini 1836"

York County, Main Tercentenary: (1936) To commemorate the 300th anniversary of the founding of York County, Maine, Congress uthorized the stricking of this silver half dollar coin. The front shows a stockade while the back shows the York County Seal. The designs were the work of Walter H. Rich of Portland, Oregon. Setteled in 1636 was a town called Brown's Garrison, a site just off the Saco River.

Lafayette Dollar: (1900) With the heads of Washington and Lafayette on the front of this dollar coin, it was the first commemorative of its denomation and also the frist commemorative with a portrait of one of our presidents be struck. The back shows the statue of General Lafayette, a monument erected in Paris as a gift to the American People. This coin designed by C.E.Barber was sold by the Lafayette Memorial Commission for $2.00 each.

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