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Commemorative Coin Issues: 1893-1951
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Gold Commemorative Issues: 1903-1915
Grant - Panama
Modern Silver & Gold Commemoratives: Starting 1982
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Collecting United States Coins..

A Photographic Journey:

Gold Commemorative Coins

Early Silver & Gold Issues and Modern Commemoratives

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Collecting U.S. Gold Commemorative Coins

Grant Memorial - Gold Dollar: (1922) Designed by Laura Gardin Fraser in 1922 this souvenir gold dollar (same design as the silver half) commemorated the birth of Ulysses S. Grant (April 27, 1822). The reverse shows the frame house in Point Pleasant, Ohio where Grant was born and the front has the bust of Grant. On first issues a star appeared above the word Grant (obverse) which was removed creating a second variety.

Lewis and Clark Exposition - Gold Dollar: (1904-1905) In 1905 the Lewis & Clark exposition was held in Portland, Oregon. A souvenir issue gold dollar was struck to mark the event with the dates 1904 and 1905. The coin designed by C.E.Barber shows the bust of Lewis on one side and Clark on the other. These coins financed the bronze memorial, erected in Portland Oregon of the Indian guide Sacagawea, who helped the famous expedition.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition - Gold Dollar: (1903) In 1904 the first souenir gold coins wereauthorized for the Louisiana Purchess Exposition which was held in St. Louis. Two different varieties of gold dollar coins with the same dates were minted in 1903. The first gold dollar coin had the head of Jefferson who was the president when the Louisiana Territory was purchessed from France.The second gold dollar coin had the head of President William McKinley who sanctioned the exposition. The reverse was the same for both coins which were designed by C.E.Barber.

McKinley, Panama-Picific - Gold Dollar: (1916-1917) The selling of these memorial gold dollars helped to pay for the memorial building built in Niles, Ohio (McKinley's birth place) The front showed the profile of McKinley and the back showed the memorial building. The designer for this commemorative gold piece was G.T.Morgan

Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Gold Dollar: (1915) This commemorative gold dollar with the head of a man representing a Panama Canal laborer on the front and two dolphins encircling ONE DOLLAR on the back was designed by Charles Keck for the exposition in 1915

Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Gold $2 1/2 Dollar: (1915) This quarter eagle commemorative coin ( 2 1/2 dollar ) was the first of its denomination. Desiegned by Charles E. Barber & George T. Morgan. The front to show the use of the Canal is Columbia with a caduceus in her left hand, sitting on a hippocampus. The back shows the American Eagle with raised wings.

Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Gold $50. Dollar ( Round ): (1915) The round type of this $50.00 gold piece was struck in 1915 to commemorate the exposition shows the helmeted head of Minerva on the front and the Owl, the symbol of wisdom on the back. Designed be Robert Aitken.

Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Gold $50. Dollar Octagonal: (1915) The octagonal type of this $50.00 gold piece was also struck in 1915 to commemorate the exposition. It shows the helmeted head of Minerva on the front and the Owl, the symbol of wisdom on the back, but also has eight dolphins in angles on the sides of the back.This issue was also designed by Robert Aitken

Sesquicentennial of American Independence - Gold $2 1/2 Dollar: (1926): The front of this special commemorative gold quarter eagle coin shows a standing female firure of Lady Liberty holding the scroll of the Declaration of Independence in one hand and the Troch of Freedom in the other.The back shows what is suppose to be Independence Hall of Philadelphia. This coin was designed by J.R.Sinnock

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