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Commemorative Coin Issues: 1893-1951
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Gold Commemorative Issues: 1903-1915
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Modern Silver & Gold Commemoratives: Starting 1982
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Collecting United States Coins..

A Photographic Journey:

Commemorative Coins

Early Silver & Gold Issues and Modern Commemoratives

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Collecting U.S. Commemorative Coins


Hudson, New York Sequicentennial: (1935) The 150th anniversary of the founding of Hudson, New York was marked by this half dollar coin. The Town named after the explorer Hendrik Hudson. Designed by Chester Beach the front of the coin showed the Hudson's flagship "The Half Moon" and on the back the seal of the City of Hudson. The seal is Neptune on a Whale with a Mermaid blowing a conch shell.

Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary: (1924) This coin designed by G.T Morgan commemorated the settling of the Huguenots and the Walloons (Dutch Colonists) in the New World. They named it New Netherlands but we know it as the State of New York. On the front are the busts of Admiral Coligny and William the Dilent. The reverse shows the vessel "Nieuw Nederland"

Illinois Centennial: (1918) This fifty cent coin authorized to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the admission of Illinois into the Union was designed by two different people. The front showing the Head of Lincoln was designed by G.T.Morgan and the reverse showing the Illinois State Seal was designed by J.R.Sinnock.

Iowa Centennial: (1946) This half dollar designed by Adam Pietz of Philadelphia commemorating the 100th anniversary of Iowa's statehood. The reverse is based on Iowa's State Seal and the front shows the first stone capital building at Iowa City.

Lexington-Concord Sequicentennial: (1925) This coin designed by Chester Beach commemorates the two famous battles fought in 1775. The front shows the statue of the Minute Man and the reverse shows the Old Belfry at Lexington.

Long Island Tercentenary: (1936) This issue commemorating the 300th anniversary of the first white settlement on Long Island at Jamacica Bay, was designed by Howard Kenneth Weinman. On the front shows the heads of a Dutch settler and an Indian and the back shows a Dutch sailing vessel.

Lynchburg, Verginia Sesquicentennial: (1936) This half dollar commemorated the issuance of a charter to the city of Lynchburg in 1786. The design was by Charles Keck showing a portrait of Senator Carter Glass on the front and the reverse shows Lady Liberty standing with the old Lynchburg courthouse in the background.

Main Centennial: (1920) On May 10, 1920 Congress authorized the minting of a Maine Centennial half dollar for the Centennial celebration at Portland. Designed by Anthony de Francisci the front shows the arms of the state of Maine.

Maryland Tercentenary: (1934) This coin commemorates the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Maryland Colony by Cecil Calvert (Lord Baltimore) with the profits to be used for a celebration in Baltimore in 1934. Designed by Hans Schuler the front shows the head of Lord Baltimore and the reverse shows the Maryland coat of arms

Missouri Centennial: (1921) In August, 1921 the 100th anniversary of Missouri being admitted into the Union was celebrated at Sedalia. To mark the occasion this fifty cent piece was authorized by Congress. Designed by Robert Aitken the coin shows the bust of a frontiersman on the front and another frontiersman & Indian standing on the back. Also on the front of the coin is a 2*4 (* = star) meaning that Missouri is the 24 star on the United States flag. This was latter removed.

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