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New Nickel Release:

Coming on March 14th is the release of the new redesigned Jefferson Nickel. The United States mint is going to do this during the last day Three Flags Festival in St. Louis. This will take place under the Arch of St. Louis to commemorate the Louisiana Purchess Bicentennial. The new nickels will be handed out to children 12 and under and be available for exchange with other US Currency to everyone after the ceremony.

The 1973 Hobby Protection Act requires any imitation money, token or medal made in the United States or Imported to be permanently marked "COPY"

Coin Collectors Are on the Rise
The Peter D. Hart Research group estimates that 2 million Americans collected coins before 1999, the year of the state quarters program launch. Now that number is as high as 125 million people who collect quarters for themselves, friends, or loved ones.

The Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley was recovered in Charleston Harbor, and scientists discovered a U.S. 1860 $20 gold piece with a bullet hole. The coin was a shield against a bullet that would have killed Confederate submarine commander Lt. George Dixon.

U.S. Mint partners with Paramount's King’s Dominion theme parks to circulate the Golden Dollars. King’s Dominion in Richmond, Virginia will dispense the Golden Dollars this summer season to increase the public’s awareness of the dollar coin.

Currency Not Only Spreads Wealth, But Also Germs
A recent study of currency yields some news you need to know. A researcher collected 68 one-dollar bills from two locations. He found that only 6% of the currency was germ free; a whopping 87% carried common bacteria. But the remainder-7%--carried two forms of bacteria that can lead to serious blood infections.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Hosts Online Exhibit
There's a fascinating exhibit of America's currency at the Federal Reserve's website. You can see the collection's highlights or take an extended tour and work your way through history, era by era.



Questions of Interest: (some common questions we recieve at the site)

Q; On the reverse of the new nickel, what do the designs stand for ?

A; The reverse design, an adaptation of the Jefferson Indian Peace Medal is the crossed tomahawk & peace pipe over the clasped hands of an Indian Chief and an American Officer. The inscription "Louisiana Purchase" was added above the year 1803.

Q; What is a LOVE TOKEN ?

A; Term that describes various kinds of engraved coins that may or may not have anything to do with love. Generally, the engraving occurs on a small silver coin.

Q: How can I order coins or get on the U.S. Mints mailing list ?


MAILING ADDRESS: The United States Mint, P.O Box 13576, Phildelphia, PA 19162-0011

Q: My coin has Two Heads with different dates, is this an error from the mint ? and What is it worth ?

A: , these pieces are novelty items sometimes called magician's coins. They're created by hollowing out one coin and trimming down another to fit inside. A seam can be found along the inside edge of the rim on one side. Because they're altered coins, they have no value to coin collectors.

Q; What do the designs on the reverse of the Roosevelt Dime stand for ?

A; The torch is for freedom, on the left is a laurel branch for victory and on the right is an oak branch for strength.


News Articles of Intrest


Wooden Coin collectors are starting a web site dedicated to the hobby of Wooden Money collecting in hopes to attract new members and keep current members up to date posting newsletters and articles from past issues of its paper newsletter. Also there will be member ads and member forum.

SOLD OUT (record time)

According to the Mint, the entire mintage of 500,000 silver dollars for the 2001 American Buffalo commemorative coin program sold out within two weeks of the June 7 launch. It was the fastest sell-out of a commemorative coin since the modern era started in 1982.


A penny saved is a penny earned or is it? If popular proposals to discontinue production of the cent denomination are accepted, a penny saved may well yield more than a penny as people began hoarding the coin. But does the American public want to end the cent’s use? A recent Coinstar National Currency Poll found that 65% of people want the penny to remain in circulation and interestingly, the poll bears out a gender distinction: 74% of women surveyed want to keep the denomination compared to 56% of men.


The lowest mintage at either the Denver or Philadelphia mint of any of the state quarters is for New Jersey. The highest production is for the Virginia issue. The Rhode Island quarter was recently released and we are awaiting the Vermont and Kentucky quarters due later this year.

Zip Code Creator Dies
Robert Aurand Moon died at age 83 in Leesburg, Florida. Moon began his postal career in the 1940s as a postal inspector, and he worked until retirement in 1965. In 1970, Moon returned to work as the Director of Delivery Services in Washington, D. C. and remained there until 1977 when he retired a second and final time.

New Postmaster General
John E. Potter was named the 72nd Postmaster General of the United States. His tenure begins today, June 1, 2001.

President Bush Nominates New Mint Director

President Bush nominated Henrietta Holsman Fore to be the new director of the U.S. Mint. She is currently chairperson and president of Stockton Products. She's also chairperson and CEO of Holsman International, an investment and management company.

Nickel Sells for Almost Two Million dollars!!
A 1913 Liberty Head nickel sold at auction on March 9th for 1.84 million dollars. The nickel has been described as one of the finest in the world.It was on display at the Long Beach Expo in California last weekend. It is one of only five nickels minted in 1913 that have Lady Liberty on the front. All other 1913 nickels feature a Native American on the obverse and a buffalo on the back.

A commercial grading service for paper money started on Dec 1, 1997. It is called Currency Grading and Authentication Inc.The reasioning behind the company is for coin companys and firms that conduct telephone auctions would be more willing to sell paper money if it wrer certified.. Fees are about $25.00 per note.. A network of dealers would be created as offical submission centers for the new service..Information may be obtained form Cyrgalis at PO Box 141235, Staten Island, New York 10314-008. or call (718( 983-5899


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