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Collecting United States Coins.

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{ Nickels }


Collecting U.S. Coins by Type.

A type set of American coins will consist of the following: { Nickels }

Shield Nickel
Shield Nickel
The shield nickel was introduced to discourage hoarding of the silver half dime, also being circulated at the same time. It lasted from 1866 until 1883.

Liberty Head Nickel
The Liberty Head nickel was introduced in 1883. Its value was shown on the reverse by a large "V" only; the word "CENTS" appeared nowhere on the coin. Racketeers were goldplating these coins and passing them for five dollars. So later that same year the word "CENTS" was added.

3 Legged Buffalo
Buffalo Nickel
The first Buffalo nickel, produced in 1913, showed the bison standing on a mound. Apparently the height sickened the poor misnomered beast, for the same year the design was changed to level ground. . The Indian on the obverse is a composite of three live Indian models.

War Nickel
Jefferson Nickel
In 1938, designer Felix Schlag received a $1000 award, in competition with almost 400 artists for the design of the Jefferson nickel. It is truly a work of art. This coin was made of silver alloy during the war years. (1942-1945) 1943 shown above.
Some of you older viewers no doubt have, without knowing it, spent a 1950-D nickel for a package of chewing gum. I hope you enjoyed your gum.. It cost you around Ten dollars ! This is due, of course, to the low (2,630,030) mintage of this coin.

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