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Years 2001 & 2002

A Photographic Journey



The Statue of Liberty dominates the design on the 2001 New York State quarter dollar. The Statue of Liberty is superimposed over an outline of the state. A line tracing the Hudson River and the route of the Erie Canal is also included along with the text GATEWAY TO FREEDOM.

The 2001 North Carolina State quarter dollar depicts the Wright Flyer, piloted by Orville Wright, while his brother Wilbur stands on the Kitty Hawk, N.C., beach watching the first controlled powered flight in 1903. The text FIRST FLIGHT is a part of the design.

Rhode Island, nicknamed the "Ocean State," is appropriately recognized with a sailboat design on its 2001 State quarter dollar. The sailboat, modeled on the Reliance, a sailboat built in Rhode Island and the winner of the 1903 America's Cup, sails in Narragansett Bay with the Newport Bridge in the distance. The text THE OCEAN STATE is included in the field.

Maple trees and sap buckets are the focus of the design for the 2001 Vermont State quarter dollar. The Camel's Hump Mountain is in the background and the text FREEDOM AND UNITY is to the right of the scene.

A thoroughbred race horse and "My Old Kentucky Home" are the two design elements on the 2001 Kentucky State quarter dollar. The Kentucky landmark, also known as the Federal Hill mansion, is in the background with the horse behind a fence in the foreground. The text states "MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME."

The design features a guitar, violin, sheet music and trumpet, reflecting the state's contribution of blues, folk and country music to American culture. A banner reading MUSICAL HERITAGE appears below the instruments. Three stars surround the instruments.

Ohio's design features an early Wright Flyer - developed by Wilbur and Orville Wright - and an Apollo-era astronaut superimposed over an outline of the state. The legend states BIRTHPLACE OF AVIATION PIONEERS, in recognition of not only the Wright brothers' contributions to powered flight but also the manufacture of equipment and actual exploration of outer space by Ohioans.

Louisiana's 2002 State quarter dollar design will feature a brown pelican and celebrate the Louisiana Purchase. The final design features an outline of the United States with the area of the Louisiana Purchase highlighted and the text LOUISIANA PURCHASE off to the right of the map. A profile view of a brown pelican is at the lower left while a trumpet and three notes are located above the map.

Indiana's 2002 State quarter will feature an Indy racecar positioned slightly above and to the right of the center, superimposed over an outline of the state. A circle of 17 stars and two additional stars indicate that Indiana was the 19th state to enter the Union. The legend CROSSROADS OF AMERICA appears below the car.

Two magnolia blossoms and leaves are the featured element on the Mississippi State quarter design. In addition is the inscription THE MAGNOLIA STATE. This will be the last State quarter issued in 2002 and should be in circulation sometime in October.

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