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Grading Modern Coinage

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Numbers System: Collectors use a numerical and descriptive grading scale that includes the following major grades:

Good (G-4 to 6) -- a heavily worn coin, but still recognizable and collectible.
Very Good (VG-8 to 10) -- a well-worn coin, with some design details faint.
Fine (F-12 to 15) -- moderate to considerable even wear; major design details clear.
Very Fine (VF-20 to 30) -- light to moderate wear.
Extremely Fine (EF-40 to 45, also XF) -- light wear; some mint luster may show.
About Uncirculated (AU-50 to 58) -- only slight wear; 50% or better mint luster.
Mint State (MS-60 to 70) -- no wear; but may have contact marks or other impairments depending on the numerical grade from 60 (impaired) to 70 (perfect).


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