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Q: Does anyone know how many 1971 D steel pennies were made?<>

Q: Hi, My son recently found a Sacagawea dollar in his cash reregister that is completely blank, It was not stamped! Have you heard of any of these, would you have any Idea what it would be worth? Thanks, <>

Q: Subject: 1982 Lincoln Cent My 10 year old son has just started collecting Lincoln Cents. In 1982 the metallic content was changed from 95% copper to a lighter weight copper plated zinc. How can you tell the difference between the 95% copper and the copper plated zinc cents? Thanks<>

Q: My father contacted me today wanting to find information on a coin he has. He was told it was a token. It has George Washington on the front and 1789 and an eagle with a snake in its mouth on the back. Who would be a good person to contact for information on this coin? Any help you have will be a great help.<>

Q: platinum coins, I have a complete year set of U.S. platinum coins [4 coins]. I would like to know what people feel about them and their price now <>

Q: I have a $1.00 bill dated in 1862 from the Bank of North America of Philadelphia. Bill number 28. The number 28 is stamped in but the date..April 30th, is wrote in ink but the year is stamped. The signature on the bill is Thomas Smith. Another signature to the bottom left says Mockley. The bill is made of hemp paper and only has markings on the front of the bill. The back has nothing on it. I have several other very old bills but wanted to know if you could tell me if I have anything of value with this bill. Or could direct me to someone who might could help me. My e-mail address is<>. I would appreciate any
help you could offer. Thank-You

Q: I found this 1780 maybe silver coin. It says BURG COTYR 1780 x ARCHID AVST DUX around some kind of crest on one side and M THERESAD G R IMP KU BO REG on the other. Can you please send me more info on this coin? My email is <>.

Q: My wife has an old State of the union collectors set from 1969. It was a promotion from Shell Oil Company. does anyone collect these or are these worthless? From: <>

Q:Subject: To Open or not to Open

I have an unopened bag from the Denver mint containing $50 (5,000) 1970 one cent coins. It is my understanding that there was some double stamped one cent coins in 1970 but I have never seen one and I have never opened this bag which I obtained at the bank I was working for 32 years ago. My question: As these are uncirculated should I open the bag and examine the one cent coins for a possible double stamp? And If I do will it lower the market value of the 5,000 1070 one cent coins even if they are not double sltamped? My name is Bob Jacobs and my email is <>

Q: Hi, I have a coin? it has an indian head profile and 1803 in the front of the neck below the chin. It has no other side. The profile indent from inside is very prominant. Is it a cent? Thank you for any info about this.<>

Q: Subject: 1881 Morgan S
I have an "1881 Morgan - S" dollar piece. It is made out of copper. I have sent this piece to the ANA for a complete evaluation. The ANA has determined the coin matched the 1881 Morgan - S, however because it was struck using copper, the ANA has concluded the coin is counterfeit. The ANA could not confirm if the Morgan was possibly a "pattern coin." As a result, I am now researching all materials relating to any possible pattern coins struck for the 1881 Morgan - S. Any information you may have or can direct me to, would be appreciated. Thank you. email: <>

Q:Hi, I found what appears to be a 1999 dime that seems to have been misprinted. You cannot read the "In" or the "We" in "In God We Trust" and the last digit of the year is missing. Also, the outer ring seems to stick out more than usual. I was wondering if this was rare or worth anything? Thanks <>

Q: I have complete sets of both "The Master Pieces of Rubens" and the "Art Treasures of the Vatican" 24c gold plated and sterling silver coin sets. In their original wooden case with cards and gloves and everything that came with them even their receipts. Just wondering if there is someone who would know how much these would be worth. I know how much my Grandfather paid for them but do not know what they could be worth. Thanks <>

Q: I need some info on a 1975 penny with what looks like the shape of Delaware stamped on the from by Lincoln nose. Inside the shape is the letters 'DE'. Please send me any info on this penny. Thank you, Kathy <>

Q: Dollar Coin, who is the indian and baby on the new dollar? what tribe did she belong ? <>

Q: I'am writting to u to get information about a coin i resently obtained, this coin has a american eagle stamped on both sides with no date on either side. could this coin be a worthless peice of metal? please respond. thanx laurie .<>


Q: im looking for information on a set of 1976 fifty state pennys,each penny has lincoln and above the date has a picture of each is in it's orignal board,on the top of board is says land of the usa.thank you for your time,beth <>

Q: pattern coin - 1860 quarter made of brass. How much is it worth? <>

Q: I understand that the 1974 1 Centesimo from Panama was struck at the West Point Mint. I also know that the West Point Mint did not use its mint mark "W" on those coins for Panama. I am writing a "historical" report on which World countries and their denominations were minted at the West Point Mint?? I also know that it wasn't until 1984 that the mint mark "W", of the West Point Mint, was placed on the Olympic Coins. Would you be able to get me a listing of the information on the above questions? Thank you!! <>

Q: Hello, I have a friend that wants to sell me a United States Bank Note? I have no idea what it is and certainly don't know what to offer. I will describe it and maybe you will know what it is and what I can offer for it also where I can sell it. It is a $1,000.00 note on parchment paper with the wording written in: Payable in Seventeen months from the date of issue $1,000.00 at New York, Philadelphia. It has the person's name on it that I can't make out. It has three pictures on each end of the note. and is signed by A. Kardney ? and ? Dunlape. It is dated 1840 and would be due seventeen months from this date. Bank of the United States is printed on it. This is not a really good description. If you need to see a picture of it I may be able to get them to allow me to scan it and send you a picture. Any information you can give me would be appreciated. My e-mail address is: <>

Q: I would like to know more abt this coin......HISPAN.ET IND. REX.M.8R.F.M was imprinted on one side of the silver coin the other side DEI.GRATIA.1801.CAROLUS.IIII. WAS PRINTED... I would like to know the value of this coin....thanks <>

Q: I have 388 1979 S. B. Anthony silver dollars that are in nearly uncirculated condition that I acquired in a rummage or there abouts and wondering what I should do with them.They are in supper excellent condition. My e-mail address is <> I would be greatful for any reply.

Q: Has anyone heard any price on double die 1999 new jersey quarter i got a roll from the bank that had 4 quarters in it with the reverse side doubled in the letters of new jersey and in cross roads of the <>

Q: I have a double eagle silver quarter I don't know the date because that would have been on the heads side and there is none. I was wondering how rare this was and what it is worth. Any info would be great. <>

Q: I opened a new roll of Connecticut quarters and found one that was completely blank, it has a few scratches on it, and one small dent. The edges are not imprinted either. Can you tell me if it i worth anything? Thanks, <>

Q: I have a Confederate States America $100.00 note.I would like to know if there is any value to that note , there is a date on it of Nov 20 1862 the note say's Will pay the bearer on demand One Hundred Dallars With interest of two cents per day <>

Q: My father and I have a small coin collection. Recently we have began gathering the state quarters. However we live on the east coast, and that makes it extremely hard to get any d quarters. All we have are p quarters. Can you help? Nathan <>

Q: I have a space shuttle challenger commemorative coin that is copper in color and has 5IL-CHALLENGER and the names of all 7 astronauts on the front. also has the date january,28,1986 on the front. the back has IN MEMORY OF CHALLENGERS 7 CREWMEMBERS REACHING FOR THE STARS. could you please tell me what this coin is worth. my e-mail is <> thank you cliff r.

Q: I have a 1794 copper cent with a Bassetta Warlord token stamp on the back. Anyone ever heard of this stamp? <>

Q: How do I find out how much a Thomas Jefferson gold nickel 1964 in a collectors case is worth. <>

Q: I have 2 comemorative coins that are "History of Railroads" 1997. They are both 15g silver. If anyone has any informating on these I would be very interested. Thank You. the <>

Q: I have $50 bills printed in 1977 1981 1985. Does anybody know if they're worth more than face value. Thanks. <>

Q: In '69 one of the gas stations, I believe it was Standard Oil, put out a collectible card with silver coins of different scenes of the Apollo 11 mission. Has anyone else seen these? Do you know what a complete set would be worth? I believe they also came out in bronze. Thanks for your help. < >

Q: We have a copper nickel that is 1983. It also has a defect on the head side. It has what looks like a capital Q dripped on it. Is is worth anything? Please email us back. <>

Q: I have a set of brass coins that have the presidents faces on them from the first to the 37th president . they are in acardboard coin holder .each face of the presidents are onthe front of the coin and each one has imfomationon the back of these coins about the president. The cardboard holder is red back ground and has The presidential hall of fame wrote at the top. It was a gas station give away every time you filled up with gas. It was issued by the franklin mint in1968. If you have any imfomation about these coins please e-mail me at <>

Q: I've just inherited a rather large (2 1/2") Hawaiian Statehood Commemorative coin (I think that's what it would be called) and I have no idea how to go about finding more information on it and what the value of it would be. It says it's bronze. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch! <>

Q: I have a 1999 P US nickle that may be an error. The first "o" in Monticello is missing. On close inspection one can see a very faint outline. Can you direct me to error prints listings? <>

Q: Hello, What is a souvenir coin of admission,1803-1903, Saint Lewis,Lousiana purchase, Souvenir coin of Saint Louis, 1904. <>

Q: I have found (in an old house I just bought) an album of coins about the size of an old silver dollar. Each coin is dedicated to one of the first 37 presidents, from Washington to Nixon. It has their head on one side and pertinent information. All 37 of them are sterling silver. Some are slightly tarnished around the edges even though they have been encased in plastic. Apparently some water damages has allowed air to get into the pockets. Do you have any idea what a collection of this kind might be worth? Thank you for whatever you can tell me about this. <>

Q: I have a 1993, too headed phillidipha quarter. is it worth anything? <>

Q:I'm having a hard time finding the plastic sleeves and the books to hold my coins. Is there somewhere on-line I can purchase them from? Thanks, barbara <>

Q: I have a coin Chicago Fire 1871-1971 . I would like a little information if anyone can help please email <>

Q: I have a coin set 25 bronze coins from the franklin mint antique car coin collection series 2 . Could you tell me what they are worth. thanks don, <>

Q: : Franklin Mint Peace Coins, Please advise me how to locate information on Franklin mint peace coins, I have several and would like to know there value, <>

Q: About a 1943 penny. I wonder if anyone could give me some idea of any collectors who might be looking for the 1943 penny or where would I look for collectors.?? I would really appreciate any help you might have. <>


Thanks for your site.
From: Nick & Kim Wade
My husband and I have several jars full of misc. change and were considering turning them all in for cash. I have been slowing filtering thru as I would hate to put something back into circulation that may be worth more than it's stated value. Your site was very helpful.

"This is my favorite kind of e-mail, I hope the site can help everyone who finds it."
Thank You All. The Webbie


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