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{ 20 Cent Pieces & Quarters }


Collecting U.S. Coins by Type.

A type set of American coins will consist of the following: { 20 cent pieces & Quarters}

20cent piece
Twenty-Cent Piece
Because it was similar in size and design to the quarter, the unpopular twenty-cent piece lasted only one year. It showed Liberty seated, with an eagle on the reverse. First struck in 1875, the coin was discontinued the following year, although 510 proof sets were minted in 1877 and 600 in 1878.

Bust Quarter
Liberty Head or Bust Quarters
Early quarter dollars resembled the other denominations. The head of Liberty, first facing right and then left, was used until 1838, No indication of value appeared on the coin until 1804, when the notation "25C" was placed on the reverse.

Seated Quarter
Liberty Seated Quarters
In 1838 the reverse was changed to read "QUAR. DOL." so the value was easy to see. The Liberty Seated quarter was superseded by the Barber quarter in 1892.

Barber Quarter
Barber Quarter
Named after its designer, the Barber quarter resembled the dime and Half of the same name and time period. It was minted from 1892 to 1916.

Standing Liberty Quarter
Standing Liberty Quarter
Considered by many one of the most attractive coins the United States has ever produced, the Standing Liberty quarter was rapidly disappearing from circulation in the 1950's. The design was changed in 1917. Prior to then, there were no stars under the eagle and there were more stars around the rim. The newer design gave a more uncluttered appearance.

Washington Quarter
Washington Quarter (Silver)
The Washington quarter, issued in 1932, commemorates the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth. Today, over seventy years later, it is still going strong, with no indication a new design will be adopted. There are few really scarce years in this series, and it is surprising that more collectors are not attracted to this coin.

Washington Quarter(Clad)

With the shortage and expence of using silver in 1965 the United States mint started using copper-nickel for the quarter coinage. In 1976 the Bi-centinnial of the US they changed the reverse of the Quarter. The 1776-1976 dated quarters were minted from 1975-1976. Also note: in 1968 the mintmark was moved from the reverse to the front of the Quarter.

Washington Quarter (Statehood starting 1999)

Starting in 1999 and going on for 10 years till 2008 the United States mint is honoring all 50 States by producing quarters with special designs for each State. A total of 5 different quarters will be produced each of these years. Starting with Deleware each other States quarter will be minted according to their entrance into Statehood. Circulated coins are produced in Phila. & Denver while proof coins are being minted in SanFrancisco.

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